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The EPIKOTE™ Resin 862/EPIKURE™ Curing Agent W system consists of a bisphenol-F epoxy resin and an aromatic amine for fabricating composite parts using resin transfer molding (RTM) or filament winding. EPIKURE Curing Agent W does not contain methylene dianiline (MDA). Low viscosity and very long working life at room temperature make this system versatile and easy to process. EPIKURE Curing Agent 537 may be utilized to decrease the gel time of the system with little or no effect on mechanical properties. Benefits include:

  • Low room temperature viscosity (about 2200 cP)
  • Long working life (>20 hrs.)
  • Low moisture absorption (2-2.5 wt%)
  • Good epoxy performance characteristics
  • Non-MDA aromatic amine
  • High elongation

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