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UK bottling plant finds “fit and forget” solution by switching gearbox lubricant

Gearbox Lubricant

Labeling Machine Gearbox Lubricant Application Bottling plant in Britain eliminates oil leakage problem A British bottling plant of a popular soft drink was experiencing major problems with oil leakage and oil oxidation in its labeling machine gearbox, causing significant unscheduled downtime. Krytox GB series gearbox lubricant helped provide a solution. Because of the equipment layout […]

Why Choose EPON™ & EPIKURE™ Epoxy Resins

epoxy resins

EPON™ & EPIKURE™ Epoxy Resins EPON™ & EPIKURE™ epoxy resins and systems have excellent adhesion to a very broad range of substrates. Its low shrinkage exhibited by the systems during curing results in lower stress levels in the finished piece than found in other polymer systems with higher values of shrinkage. This contributes to strong, […]

Electrical Connector Lubricant and Sealant – Krytox™ TS4

Electrical Connector Lubricant

Lubricant & Sealant for Electrical Connectors Krytox™ TS4 sealant and electrical connector lubricant are designed as an ultra-low oil separation sealant and lubricant specifically for static applications. Krytox™ TS4 can be used for high temperature, non-reactive, non-flammable, and non-oxidative sealant applications, such as vacuum and pressure systems, electrical connections, transformer gaskets, equipment enclosures, and pipe […]

How Krytox Meets the Mil-Spec Standards for Lubrication

Mil Spec Lubricant Krytox

Military Specification Lubrication | Mil-Spec Lubrication A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, “MIL-STD“, “MIL-SPEC“, or (informally) “MilSpecs“, is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Standardization is beneficial in achieving interoperability, ensuring products meet certain requirements, commonality, reliability, the total cost of ownership, compatibility with logistics systems, and similar defense-related objectives. Specialized MIL-Specs (MIL-PRF-27617) were […]

Radiation Stability of Krytox™ and Fluoroguard™ Polymer Additives

Radiation Stability

Radiation Stability of Krytox™ and Fluoroguard™ Polymer Additives The results of some radiation stability exposure data obtained on our Krytox™ 143AB fluorinated oil and Krytox™ 240AB fluorinated grease that contains this oil are summarized in Tables 1–4. It is believed that these data are generally representative of the performance of all Krytox™ oils and greases. […]

Do OEM Lubricant Recommendations Meet Your Current Needs?

Best Lubricant

How To Work With Your OEM To Find The Best Lubricant Nothing is as Expensive as Cheap Lubricant As a plant operator, there’s a lot to manage. Ensuring that the plant is functioning at optimum levels requires management prowess, people skills and broad-based technical knowledge. Increasingly, as machines run hotter and environments get more extreme, […]

The Power of PFPE Lubricant Selection

PFPE Lubricant

How Manufacturers Have Reduced Downtime and Costs | PFPE Lubricant | Krytox From equipment selection to maintenance cycles and troubleshooting, we know you work tirelessly to achieve peak plant performance every day. With the average plant using more than 2,000 bearings – in addition to the valves, seals and other PFPE lubricant reliant components – […]

High Performance Lubricants

High Performance Lubricants

The Secret Competitive Advantage of High Performance Lubricants High performance lubricants offer long lasting performance capabilities, despite harsh environmental conditions (e.g., extreme temperatures, extreme pressure, chemical exposure, etc.), minimizing the risk of failures, increasing end user satisfaction and enabling you to offer extended warranties with fewer claims. It’s a solution that benefits you and your […]

Industrial Lubricants That Can Reduce Production Downtime

Industrial Lubricants

Comparing Industrial Lubricants – Downsides of Hydrocarbons Petroleum-Based and Synthetic Hydrocarbon Lubricants vs. Krytox (PFPEs) While industrial lubricants only make up 1% of plant operational costs, the lack of proper lubrication or application can have an adverse impact on total maintenance costs and downtime. More than half of the total maintenance costs, as well as […]

How Krytox™ Drives Savings & Productivity

Drives Savings

When it Comes to Lubricants, the Lowest Price isn’t Always the Best Value Krytox Drives Savings Machine failures occur for a variety of reasons. Each one of these failures creates a ripple effect of costs and productivity loss. Some of these issues can be mitigated by choosing a high-performance lubricant – one that can withstand […]