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Which Epoxy Mold Release Agent is Right For You?

Aerospace is large consumer of epoxies and utilizing an optimal epoxy release agent is critical to achieving their desired needs

Which Epoxy Mold Release Agent is Best For You? ReleaSys™ and ShieldSys™ product offer superior release coatings, ease of application, cleaner molds, & reliable performance. Miller-Stephenson has pioneered epoxy mold release agents and solutions since its origins in 1955. Beginning with distribution of epoxy resins, curing agents, fillers, and modifiers, Miller-Stephenson has worked closely with […]

Next-Gen Release Agent | ReleaSys™

crosslinking polymer chemistry, exclusive to Miller-Stephenson release agent coatings

ReleaSys™ Next-Generation Release Agent Coating Miller-Stephenson release agents – Cost Efficient, Easy to Use, and Reliable Miller-Stephenson has been pioneering release agent chemistry and coatings for over 40 years, continuously optimizing and improving our formulations to exceed the challenges of modern manufacturing process. Modern manufacturers demand release coating that provide improved efficiency, superior surface quality, ease […]

Mechanical Keyboard Lube | Advanced Solutions

Mechanical Keyboard lube

Superior Mechanical Keyboard Lube Easy to Apply, Lube for Life, and Makes New Keyboards Feel & Sound Broken In Miller-Stephenson and Chemours manufacture advanced grade 0 semi-fluid lubricants and oils that are extensively used in mechanical keyboard switches. Miller-Stephenson is the manufacturer of TriboSys and is direct channel partners with Chemours, the manufacturer of Krytox.  […]

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant Aerosol | Superior Chemistry, Superior Results

Conveyor Belt Dry Film Lubricant aerosol

Rapid Drying, Easy to Use, and Innovative Dry Film Lubricant Aerosol Superior Adhesion, Durability, and Low Coefficient of Friction to Reduce Downtime Miller-Stephenson’s MS-122 series offers extremely durable, lubricious, and non-stick dry lubricant coatings that utilize proprietary fluoropolymers in our MS-122AD, MS-122ADL, and MS-122XD formulas. These dry film lubricant aerosol solutions offer ultra-thin films, superior […]

TriboSys™ | Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Dental Handpiece Lubricant | Biocompatibility ISO 10993 Few medical applications challenge a bearing lubricant more than high-speed dental handpieces. Rotating at speeds of excess of 500,000 rotations per minute (RPM), these handpieces require advanced lubrication which can not only maintain excellent thin-film strength, but also do not degrade under the immense mechanical and thermal stresses […]

Boron Nitride Mold Release Spray | ReleaSys™ HTX-A

boron nitride mold release spray

Introduction to Boron Nitride Mold Release Spray and ReleaSys™ HTX-A Superior to Graphite, Molybdenum disulfide, and PTFE in extreme conditions. ReleaSys™ HTX-A is Miller-Stephenson’s flagship boron nitride mold release spray. Boron nitride is a synthetic ceramic particle that has similar properties to graphite, with the added advantage of superior lubricity, higher heat stability, and cleaner […]

Custom Formulated Mold Release | Miller-Stephenson Chemical

Customized Mold Release Formulations

| Custom Formulated Mold Release Solutions | Next-Generation Chemistry, Superior Release Performance, Maximized Cost-Effectiveness Miller-Stephenson has been at the forefront of release agent chemistries since the early 1960s, providing our customers with superior release coatings and custom formulated mold release agents tailored for their specific applications. Our diverse mold release portfolio provides more than just […]

Silicone Free Release Agents | ReleaSys™ Coatings

Non-Silicone release agent

Silicone Free Release Agents | ReleaSys™ Coatings Zero Oily transfer, No Post-Molding Cleaning, Superior Surface Quality and Predictable Release Miller-Stephenson has pioneered the development and application of silicone-free release agents since the late 1960s. Our close relationship with aerospace and automotive companies provided us the early directive to develop and refine silicone free release agents.  […]

ReleaSys TM1 | Release Agents for Tire Molding

Release Agents for Tire Molding ReleaSys TM1

ReleaSys™ TM1 | Release Agents for Tire Molding Superior Release Ease and Surface Quality; Optimal Air Bleed; Maximized Coating Durability Miller-Stephenson has been one of the leading release agent manufacturers for the past 40 years, with a specialty for rubber and tire molding applications. Utilizing our close relationship with our tire manufacturing customers and years […]