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TriboSys™ Medical Lubricants?

TriboSys™ medical lubricants

TriboSys™ Medical Lubricants | FAQ’S Can TriboSys™ medical lubricants only be purchased through Miller-Stephenson? Yes, TriboSys™ medical lubricants can only be purchased through Miller-Stephenson Chemical Company. What is TriboSys™ Oil? Miller-Stephenson’s TriboSys™ oils (MS-31XXMD) are clear, colorless, perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluorinated synthetic oils that are nonreactive, nonflammable, safe in chemical, oxygen service, and are long-lasting. TriboSys™ […]

TriboSys™ Medical Connector Lubricants

Medical Connector Lubricant

TriboSys™ Medical Connector Lubricants Maximizing Connector Longevity; Reducing Pull & Push Force; ISO 10993 Certified Miller-Stephenson’s medical connector lubricants utilize PFPE base oil that offers excellent safety and sealing protection while maximizing longevity with no interference in electrical continuity of sensitive electronics for the medical industry. TriboSys™ medical connector lubricants are biocompatible conforming to ISO […]

TriboSys™ | Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Dental Handpiece Lubricant | Biocompatibility ISO 10993 Few medical applications challenge a bearing lubricant more than high-speed dental handpieces. Rotating at speeds of excess of 500,000 rotations per minute (RPM), these handpieces require advanced lubrication which can not only maintain excellent thin-film strength, but also do not degrade under the immense mechanical and thermal stresses […]

TriboSys™ | Biocompatible Medical Device Lubricants

Medical Device Lubricants

TriboSys™ | Biocompatible Medical Device Lubricants Smoother Operation, Maximized Component Life, Superior Lubrication, ISO 10993 certified Medical device lubricants for minimally invasive medical robots have an increasing demand in the healthcare system. Device manufacturers often overlook the importance of selecting the most optimal biocompatible lubricant for their application. The increased implementation of these robotic devices […]

TriboSys™ | Medical Lubricants Improve End-User Satisfaction

Medical lubricants

TriboSys™ | Medical Lubricants Improve End-User Satisfaction Medical equipment and furniture manufacturer improves end-user satisfaction and increases reliability and durability by using TriboSys™ medical lubricants. A manufacturer of medical actuating equipment and surgical furniture wanted to utilize a biocompatible, chemically inert lubricant that will keep their surgical furniture and equipment working seamlessly as well as […]

TriboSys™ | Endoscope Lubricants Medical Oils & Greases

Endoscope Lubricants

TriboSys™ | Endoscope Lubricants Medical Oils & Greases How do TriboSys™ endoscope lubricants minimize repair downtime and increase reliability? Flexible colonoscopy scopes (endoscopes) are utilized worldwide  for examination of the large bowel and distal part of the small bowel utilizing a long flexible, tubular fiber optic camera. This camera provides visual diagnosis of lesions and […]