TriboSys™ Medical Connector Lubricants

Medical Connector Lubricant

TriboSys™ Medical Connector Lubricants

Maximizing Connector Longevity; Reducing Pull & Push Force; ISO 10993 Certified

Miller-Stephenson’s medical connector lubricants utilize PFPE base oil that offers excellent safety and sealing protection while maximizing longevity with no interference in electrical continuity of sensitive electronics for the medical industry. TriboSys™ medical connector lubricants are biocompatible conforming to ISO 10993 standards and are 100% nonflammable and chemically / biologically inert. These properties make TriboSys™ nonreactive and non-swelling to virtually all surfaces, plastics, metals, and elastomers. Our medical connector lubricants are used routinely in cleanrooms and robotics systems, offering extended component life, better sealing, and low coefficient of friction. In these applications, TriboSys™ medical connector lubricants are RoHS compliant and recognized by all major medical manufacturers and OEM equipment suppliers, meeting or exceeding warranty requirements. Additional medical connector lubricant benefits include:

  • Biocompatible conforming to ISO 10993 Standards
  • No electrical Interference
  • Long-lasting protection against oxidation
  • RoHS compliant

Advantages of lubricating electrical connectors with TriboSys™ Medical Connector Lubricants

Reducing insertion force for multi-pin connectors greatly increases connection cycles and extends connector life by preventing fretting corrosion and galling. For electronic connectors with numerous pins, a low insertion force makes assembly more efficient and ensures solid connections. For gold-plated connectors, an effective lubricant reduces the potential for noble metal wear during mating and separation and beyond delivering stability and safety, TriboSys™ lubricants also offer less frequent re-lubrication of critical components. Additional properties that make TriboSys™ lubricants well-suited as a connector lubricant include:

  • Nonreactive to virtually all chemicals, plastics, metals, and elastomers
  • Reduces push & pull force
  • Prevents fretting corrosion and galling

Preventing Fretting Corrosion and Oxidation

Lead and Tin connectors are subject to “fretting corrosion,” the result of low amplitude vibration caused by thermal expansion and contraction or nearby motion, as from fans, motors or merely opening and closing a cabinet door. TriboSys™ medical connector lubricants offer an inert, thin-film layer that minimizes metal-to-metal contact during vibration, protecting the connector from metal wear while reducing fretting corrosion that exposes fresh layers of metallic surfaces to excessive wear and oxidation.

Why Choose Miller-Stephenson and TriboSys™?

TriboSys™ connector lubricants come in varying viscosities to meet your specific needs. Our light oils are optimized for low load, low-temperature applications, whereas the high viscosity grades offer increased wear protection, film strength, and longevity. Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive TriboSys™ medical connector lubricant chemistry provides numerous advantages versus current market alternatives such as decreased wear and extended service intervals prolonging the use of critical and expensive medical equipment. To learn more about how TriboSys™ lubricants can reduce overall operating costs, please click here. Miller-Stephenson provides superior chemical solutions that are formulated for the medical industry and a wide range of critical applications. We strategically maintain an east coast and west coast facility to ensure prompt customer service and efficient delivery. Distribution outside North America is handled through authorized distributors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team that is ready to assist you with your needs.

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