TriboSys™ MDF-A | Medical Dry Film Coating

Medical dry film coating

TriboSys™ MDF-A | Medical Dry Film Coating

Superior Thin-Film PTFE Coating, Unmatched Lubricity, Convenience of an Aerosol

Miller-Stephenson’s TriboSys™ MDF-A is a high-performance, medical dry film coating that was designed to provide medical devices and components with a durable,  thin-film PTFE coating that greatly reduces frictional wear. This medical dry film has exceptional no-mess characteristics and a rapid-cure time that can reduce manufacturing bottle necking, and increase device manufactures reliability. Utilization of our advanced fluoropolymer technology, results in significant reduction in surface-to-surface friction and smoother operation and articulation of moving parts. Optimized for sensitive medical components, TriboSys MDF-A is 100% safe for use on metal, plastics, rubber and silicone components, without fear of degradation or swelling. TriboSys™ MDF-A medical dry film coating provides the performance of an industrial coating in the convenience, precision and safety of an aerosol spray. Compared to the TriboSys™ MDF, our aerosol version adds utility and convenience requiring no investment in spray equipment, knowledge of spray settings or mixing tanks. Potential medical components which benefit from our advanced PTFE coatings include:

  • Medical Device Gears
  • Medical equipment

Advanced PTFE Dry Film technology, Superior Anti-Stick and Anti-fouling properties

TriboSys™ MDF-A Medical Dry Film Coating is a specialized PTFE dry film coating optimized for medical devices. Miller-Stephenson’s exclusive fluoropolymer resin utilizes both an ultra-low molecular weight and small particle size ( 1 – 3 µm) PTFE resin to provide superior lubricity, optimal adhesion, and extended durability in the ease of an air cure system. Medical device engineers that choose TriboSys™ MDF-A for their devices typical observe elimination of ‘slip-stick’ issues, substantially increased component life, and easier to clean surfaces with lower overall build-up. TriboSys™ MDF-A medical dry lubricant is a multi-functional system providing optimal surface quality, self-leveling, and durability, allowing easy integration into medical device manufactures production process. Once dried, the deposited film is high temperature and autoclave stable. Benefits include:

  • Designed specifically for medical devices
  • Exclusive ultra-thin PTFE Dry film technology
  • Outstanding lubricity and minimization of slip-stick
  • Ultra-High Performance Aerosol Formulation
  • Nearly instantaneous cure time
  • Safe for use on metal, plastics, rubber and silicone components
  • 100% non-flammable, VOC-exempt
  • Non-migrating; Non-staining

TriboSys MDF-A | Superior Chemistry, Superior Results

TriboSys™ MDF-A medical dry film coating is a next-generation fluoropolymer coating formulation designed to provide consistent, reliable, and improved performance to a manufactures medical device. From its inception, TriboSys™ MDF-A was designed to provide robust and ubiquitous friction reduction across the broad range of substrates and configurations. Proper selection of inert carrier fluids for the coating means that TriboSys™ MDF-A can be applied to any plastic, elastomer, or silicone without fear of swelling, degradation or morphology change. Our coatings utilize a proprietary fluoropolymer resin and binder technology delivering superior adhesion and durability in a operator-friendly, VOC-exempt and non-flammable system. Miller-Stephenson Dry film technology offers a 100% stable and consistent lubrication coating which combines clean application, zero migration/transfer, and reliable lubrication across a wide temperature range and process configurations. TriboSys™ MDF-A is the path forward for device manufactures looking for the absolute best lubricant obtainable for the devices while also maintaining the highest of standards for device cleanliness and operational reliability.

Why choose Miller-Stephenson Medical Dry Film Coatings?

Miller-Stephenson’s TriboSys™ MDF-A formulations offer the most advanced fast-drying, thin-film PTFE formulations  for the medical industry. By utilizing our proprietary low molecular weight PTFE in our coatings it provides unmatched reductions in wear and friction between critical components without complex application procedures or cure programs. Our medical Dry film chemistry offers superior application, unmatched utility,  broad compatibility to the end user, yielding a uniform, durable, inert PTFE film that greatly reduces component friction and wear. We also offer the ability to rapidly customize TriboSys™ MDF-A formations to provide the end user a single source solution that is ready-to use. 

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