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Krytox™ For Steam Control Valves

Krytox Steam Control Valve Lubricant Krytox grease meets the need for a continuous lubrication cycle. Steam control valve lubricant application at a geothermal power plant The power plant, located in Iceland, utilizes hot steam from the earth, containing 1–4% gas, mostly carbon dioxide and hydrogen disulfide, in temperatures ranging from 120–200 ºC (248–392 °F). A standard hydrocarbon-based grease was unsatisfactory for lubricating bushings […]

Krytox™ Valve Lubricants

Smooth Operation in Extreme Temperatures and Longer Use-Life Make Krytox™ Valve Lubricants the Choice for Valve Seals Control valves are critical components in plant operations around the world. To optimize operational integrity, valves require proper maintenance. Long-lasting Krytox synthetic lubricants keep valves operating smoothly with less maintenance. Krytox oils and greases can also provide long-term corrosion resistance and enhanced performance, even in […]