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Krytox™ Valve Lubricants

Smooth Operation in Extreme Temperatures and Longer Use-Life Make Krytox™ Valve Lubricants the Choice for Valve Seals Control valves are critical components in plant operations around the world. To optimize operational integrity, valves require proper maintenance. Long-lasting Krytox synthetic lubricants keep valves operating smoothly with less maintenance. Krytox oils and greases can also provide long-term corrosion resistance and enhanced performance, even in […]

Krytox™ Application Overview

Krytox History & Product Overview For the full Krytox product list, click here. Krytox, discovered in 1959, the polymer that showed remarkable thermal and oxidative stability. Potential uses envisioned then included lubricant for the MACH 3+ turbine engine, hydraulic oil, rocket gearbox lubricant, and even gyroscope oil. In 1964, new perfluoropolyether (PFPE)-based grease formulations, developed […]