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Krytox™ Corrugator Greases

Krytox Corrugator Greases Product Information Krytox PFPE/PTFE corrugator greases have become the corrugator industry standard for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers and associated equipment. Krytox lubricants help eliminate bearing lubrication as a cause of premature corrugator roll failures. Corrugator roll changes are significantly easier and quicker on single facers lubricated with Krytox corrugator greases. Corrugators choose Krytox™ lubricants […]

Krytox™ Valve Lubricants

Smooth Operation in Extreme Temperatures and Longer Use-Life Make Krytox™ Valve Lubricants the Choice for Valve Seals Control valves are critical components in plant operations around the world. To optimize operational integrity, valves require proper maintenance. Long-lasting Krytox synthetic lubricants keep valves operating smoothly with less maintenance. Krytox oils and greases can also provide long-term corrosion resistance and enhanced performance, even in […]

Krytox™ Aviation

Krytox Aviation Greases & Applications Innovations for the Aviation Industry Since the first commercial application over 50 years ago, Krytox Aviation synthetic lubricants have delivered consistent, superior, extended performance. Today, with new additives for new challenges, Krytox™ lubricants continue to deliver extreme performance under extreme conditions. Krytox Aviation is the lubricant of choice for demanding conditions —high and low temperatures, extreme […]

Krytox™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Krytox FAQ Introduction to Krytox Lubricants What is Krytox FAQ? Krytox is the Chemours brand name for a range of clean, specialty synthetic lubricating materials available in numerous grades for a wide range of applications. Krytox lubricants have become the product of choice where extremely high or low temperature performance, nonflammability, oxygen compatibility, and resistance […]

TS4 Thread Sealant

Krytox TS4 Thread Sealant Sealants and tape often expand under pressure. This requires plants to halt operations for re-application, or worse, address expensive thread damages. Krytox TS4 is a great replacement to avoid constant maintenance.  High quality sealants, like Krytox TS4, prevent leaks and damages that jeopardize operations, even in extreme environments. Proper application and a […]

Krytox™ Application Overview

Krytox History & Product Overview For the full Krytox product list, click here. Krytox, discovered in 1959, the polymer that showed remarkable thermal and oxidative stability. Potential uses envisioned then included lubricant for the MACH 3+ turbine engine, hydraulic oil, rocket gearbox lubricant, and even gyroscope oil. In 1964, new perfluoropolyether (PFPE)-based grease formulations, developed […]

Krytox™ Lube For Life

Electric motor

Krytox™ Electric Motor Lube For Life A North American company improves equipment reliability by switching lubricants and joining the Lube for Life program. A major pulp and paper mill located in Western Canada wanted to improve the average operating life of its 3000 electric motor operating in a harsh environment without incurring additional costs for […]

Krytox™ for Injection Molding

“We have been using Krytox XHT-BDX for seven years now. We did a case study, and found out that we gained an additional 40% life between preventative maintenance (PM’s).” – A satisfied Krytox customer   The Problem The Injection Molding industry for Tier 1 auto suppliers require hundreds of man hours in preventative maintenance labor. Not using Krytox results […]

Krytox™ TM7 For Tire Mold Industry

Krytox TM7 grease

Krytox TM7 Tire Mold Industry Lubricant An American tire manufacturer increases production and saves on costly mold repair by switching lubricants. U.S. tire manufacturer improves bottom line with new lubricant A major tire manufacturer located in the United States was experiencing significant, recurring problems with galling—roughening, wearing, or warping of metal at key moveable joints—on […]