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Krytox™ XHT Takes the Heat

CHALLENGE: Overcoming high temperature lubricant degradation with Krytox™ XHT Conventional lubricants are subject to oxidation, attack by harsh chemicals or solvents, flammability, and volatilization of the base oil, leading to failure of the lubrication system and associated hazards. Conventional lubricant properties are often found inadequate for critical systems where failure is not an option. Krytox™ XHT greases and oils help […]

Krytox™ for Injection Molding

“We have been using Krytox XHT-BDX for seven years now. We did a case study, and found out that we gained an additional 40% life between preventative maintenance (PM’s).” – A satisfied Krytox customer   The Problem The Injection Molding industry for Tier 1 auto suppliers require hundreds of man hours in preventative maintenance labor. Not using Krytox results […]