Krytox™ TM7 For Tire Mold Industry

Krytox TM7 Tire Mold Industry Lubricant

An American tire manufacturer increases production and saves on costly mold repair by switching lubricants.

U.S. tire manufacturer improves bottom line with new lubricant A major tire manufacturer located in the United States was experiencing significant, recurring problems with galling—roughening, wearing, or warping of metal at key moveable joints—on its segmented tire molds. This resulted in frequent production downtime and required costly repairs (averaging $5,000 per mold).

The Challenge

The manufacturer needed to reduce or eliminate galling on mold surfaces. Extending re-lubrication intervals was also a high priority. Because tire plants use electrically and steam heated segmented molds, the lubricant chosen had to be unaffected by steam and able to withstand high temperatures. In addition, it was important that the lubricant would not carbonize.

The Solution

The facility switched from a competitor’s product to Krytox TM-7 lubricant from Chemours and began to see immediate benefits. The problems previously experienced with galling have been eliminated; so, tire presses are no longer forced to sit idle while waiting for costly repairs to the molds. What’s more, Krytox TM-7 can effectively lubricate segmented tire molds for up to 120 days, extending the re-lubrication interval by up to three times the old cycle.


Key Advantages

  • Using Krytox TM-7 lubricant, the facility was able to eliminate the problem of galling, not only saving mold repair costs but increasing production by keeping tire presses up and running.
  • Lubrication cycle was extended from approximately 45 days to as long as 120 days, reducing costs and minimizing downtime for maintenance.
  • Krytox TM-7 can be used in similar applications where heated metal slides across other metals, such as compression molding machines.

Krytox™ TM7 Series

Krytox™ TM7

Krytox TM7 grease is specifically designed for the lubrication of segmented molds, both electrically and steam-heated, in the vulcanization process of rubber tire manufacturing. This lubricant eliminates carbon residue buildup on the molds associated with hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon-based synthetic greases. They exhibit excellent adhesion, allowing the operator to significantly increase production by extending lubrication intervals. The TM7 will last in excess of 5000 cycles, based on average curing times, without re-lubrication. Krytox Authorized Distributor


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