High Performance Silicone Conformal Coating | ShieldSys™ 462S

ShieldSys™ 462S is a high performance silicone conformal coating utilizing exclusive Miller-Stephenson next-generation silicone RTV chemistry.  Offering superior protection, toughness, and abrasion resistance while combining the simplicity of a one-part, room temperature cure coating.  Conforming to MIL-SPEC 46058C, the applied coating is self-levelling with excellent wet-out, allowing for a very forgiving application process amendable to a wide-range of application configurations without sacrificing coating quality or final film properties.  Tack free time is less than 10 minutes. Benefits include:

  • High Performance Silicone Conformal Coating
  • Excellent Thermal and Abrasion Resistance
  • Ideal for High Vibration, High Moisture, or Heat Challenged PCBs
  • Superior Self-Levelling and Excellent Flow-out
  • One-Part, Self-Priming, Room Temperature Cure System