Semi-Permanent Mold Release Systems

Miller-Stephenson has been pioneered Semi-Permanent Mold Release Systems for over 40 years, continuously optimizing and refining our chemistry to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing practices.  Our ReleaSys™ product line are advanced, crosslinking release coatings that form highly robust, abrasion resistance, and durable thin-films onto mold surface providing numerous releases from a single application. Manufacturers benefit wit higher quality parts, cleaner molds, high-throughput, and maximized cost efficiency. We offer optimized formulations for Polyurethane, Rubber/Elastomer, Plastic, Composite, and Epoxy-based substrates.

ReleaSys™ Semi-Permanent Coatings

PTFE DryFilm Release Agents

Miller-Stephenson PTFE-based mold release systems offer universal, reliable and consistent release across a broad range of moldable substrates. Utilizing our proprietary fluoropolymer resin technology, our ultra-thin film release agents provide seamless release, zero transfer, and a 100% paintable finish. Our Fluoropolymer coatings are the first choice for numerous aerospace and automotive applications where high performance, silicone and wax-free certification, and zero transfer are critical performance specifications.

PTFE Releaese Coatings

High Temperature Mold Release Systems

Miller-Stephenson High-Temp Release Agents offers efficient and effective release solutions for molding operations which operate at temperatures exceeding 1562°F / 842°C, such as lights metals or glass molding. Our advanced ceramic coatings provide superior lubricity, corrosion protection, and reliable release. These attributes provide manufacturers will significantly increased die/mold service life and a cleaner,  more efficient processes.  ReleaSys high temperature coatings have optimized formulations for aluminum extrusion, die casting, glass forming, and numerous foundry applications.

ReleaSys™ High Temperature Release Coatings

ReleaSys™ Specialty Mold Release

Miller-Stephenson ReleaSys™ specialty mold release agents have been meticulously refined for specific mold operations such as Pre-cast or Glass-fiber reinforced concrete, Asphalt, Rotational molding (ROTO-Molding), Wood Composites, and Epoxies. These proprietary chemistries provide unmatched performance, cost-effectiveness, and throughput to the most demanding manufacturing process. ReleaSys Specialty Coatings not only provide optimal performance but also minimize worker exposure, meeting strict environmental regulations, such as ultra-low or Zero VOC coatings. Our combination of VOC-exempt, Zero-VOC or water-based formulations provide next-generation chemistry that will meet your performance and environmental challenges.

ReleaSys™ Specialty Mold Release
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