Freeze Spray | MS-242N Quik-Freeze™

MS-242N Quik-Freeze® spray provides a rapid method of cooling small electronic components and epoxy/composite mixtures. Our freeze agent is typically utilized to locate intermittent malfunctions in electronic equipment and assist with release of stubborn, tacky epoxy/composites. Utilizing MS-242N Quik-Freeze® will have no permanent effect on the chemical structure of your material and is safe for all plastics, rubbers, composites, and epoxies. MS-242N freezes small areas to -55°F/-48°.

  • Rapid Cooling for PCB’s and Composite/Epoxy mixtures
  • Facilitates easy mold release
  • Nonflammable, Residue-free freeze spray
  • Odorless, VOC Exempt, Very low toxicity
  • NSN 6850-01-333-1841; RoHS2 and RoHS complaint