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Anti Static Spray | MS-242N-AS Anti Static Quik-Freeze®

Anti Static Spray

MS-242N-AS Quik-Freeze® Anti static spray offers the same general application as MS-242N but is designed with an anti static additive. Offered to customers that are looking for quick freeze and anti-static characteristics. This product aids in the dissipation of any static charges which may build up during spray process and Instantly freezes small areas to -50°F(-45°C). Compatible with most plastics, rubbers and metals and additional product benefits include:

  • Anti Static additive
  • Dissipates Static Buildup
  • Targeted rapid cooling of epoxies/composites
  • Nonflammable/Odorless and leaves no residue


Freeze Spray | MS-242N Quik-Freeze™

freeze spray

MS-242N Quik-Freeze® spray provides a rapid method of cooling small electronic components and epoxy/composite mixtures. Our freeze agent is typically utilized to locate intermittent malfunctions in electronic equipment and assist with release of stubborn, tacky epoxy/composites. Utilizing MS-242N Quik-Freeze® will have no permanent effect on the chemical structure of your material and is safe for all plastics, rubbers, composites, and epoxies. MS-242N freezes small areas to -55°F/-48°.

  • Rapid Cooling for PCB’s and Composite/Epoxy mixtures
  • Facilitates easy mold release
  • Nonflammable, Residue-free freeze spray
  • Odorless, VOC Exempt, Very low toxicity
  • NSN 6850-01-333-1841; RoHS2 and RoHS complaint

Anti Static Ultra Freeze Spray | MS-242L-AS Quik-Freeze®


MS-242L-AS Quik-Freeze® Anti Static Ultra offers the same general application as MS-242L but with an anti static agent additive. Utilized to locate intermittent malfunctions in electronic equipment and offers protection of expensive components during soldering/desoldering. Freezes small areas to -50˚F (-45˚C) and contains HFO 1234ze propellant that is non-ozone depleting. Benefits of this product include:

  • Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential, Nonflammable
  • Instant target freeze potential with anti static additive
  • Compatible with most plastics, elastomers and metals
  • Leaves no residue


Aerosol Freeze Spray | MS-242L Quik-Freeze® Ultra

Aerosol Freeze Spray

MS-242L Quik-Freeze® Ultra is a Low Global Warming version of MS-242N. Used for hot-cold intermittence testing of electronic components and protection of components during soldering. Excellent for cooling of epoxy-composite forming and freezing biological specimens. Instantly freezes small areas to -54ºF(-47ºC) with No ODC (ozone depleting chemicals). Benefits of this product include:

  • Ultra Low Global Warming, VOC Exempt, Nonflammable
  • Instant target freeze potential
  • Protects components from solder
  • Compatible with most plastics, rubbers and metals


Duster Spray | MS-222N AeroDuster®

Duster Spray

MS-222N AeroDuster® duster spray is a nonflammable, ultra pure compressed air propellant which is used to rapidly remove dust from sensitive electronics, optics, and other specialty equipment. It is non conductive and leaves no unwanted residue. Additional product benefits include:

  • Nonflammable and Non-abrasive
  • Non-conductive
  • Odorless
  • Leaves no traces of contaminates and oils

Aerosol Duster | MS-222L Aero-Duster Ultra

Aerosol Duster

Miller-Stephenson’s MS-222L Aero-Duster® Ultra is a low global warming aerosol variant of our Aero-Duster® MS-222N that is used to remove microscopic dust from semiconductor chips and an array of other applications. Designed for convenient use in many industrial applications and additional benefits include:

  • Ultra Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Propellany
  • 100% Non-flammable and Ultra low odor
  • Non-conductive, Non-abrasive, Leaves no residue
  • Superior to compressed air and flammable dusters
  • RoHS Compliant


Miller-Stephenson Military Spec Products / NSN

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Military Spec Chemicals and NSN Miller-Stephenson offers a wide variety of military spec chemicals and lubrication products. We carry: Solvent Cleaners Solvent Flux Removers Contact Cleaner Conformal Coatings Specialty Products Epoxy Resins / Curings Agents Release Agents / Dry Lubricants Krytox Performance Lubricants We have: Military Specifications (Mil-Spec) National Stock Numbers (NSN) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) […]


Miller-Stephenson SDS database. If you are unable to locate the specific SDS you need, please contact our Technical Support at or 203-743-4447 (8-4 E.T.) Aerosol Liquid Release Agents Conformal Coatings Krytox Epoxy MS-124H MS-111 MS-122AD MS-452N AGL 683 MS-900 MS-222L MS-114D MS-122AD RED MS-460H AT MS-905 Part A MS-222N MS-115 MS-122ADL MS-462H ATA MS-905 […]