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Krytox GPL 155

Krytox™ GPL 155 is a specialty oil with a fluorescent agent additive which causes the naturally white oil to turn a yellowish-green color under UV light or “black light.” This allows the oil to be visible even if it is spread ultra-thin and lets the user confirm its high penetration to the desired area of lubrication.

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Krytox GPL 246

This special grade of Krytox has been formulated with copper powder in grease to act as a conductor of electricity. Krytox oils provide long life and high-temperature stability and lubrication. The addition of copper powder also improves the thermal conductivity of the grease for applications where improved heat transfer is needed; however, it can increase bearing noise and wear. Because GPL 246 is formulated with our Krytox GPL 106 base oil, it retains many of the properties of that oil. Krytox Authorized Distributor

Other GPL

Krytox GPL 407

Krytox GPL-407 grease is made using a nonmelting thickener instead of the normal Krytox PTFE. This change from PTFE to silica boosts the temperature capability of the grease from approximately 316 °C (600 °F) to an upper limit determined by the evaporation/breakdown temperature of the oil. Krytox Authorized Distributor

Krytox™ GPL 255 is a specialty grease with fluorescent agent additives to allow the naturally white grease to turn a yellowish-green color under UV light or "black light." This lubricant offers the end user easy visualization of the lubricated parts in busy automotive manufacturing plants with no fear of under- or over-lubricating parts, even if it is spread ultra-thin. It can also confirm the grease did not migrate.

Krytox GPL 295 is a specialty grease that has anti-corrosion and high pressure additives to protect against oxidizers and lower the energy required at high loads. This grease also improves protection against wear to extend the life of the part and decrease the re-lubrication cycles in the harsh environments in which this grease is utilized, such as in major car manufacturers' parts.