Krytox™ GPL 101 Automotive Seat Lubrication

Automotive Seat Lubrication

Krytox Automotive Seat Lubrication

A Brazilian supplier to the automotive industry improves customer and end-user satisfaction by using specialty lubricant.

Automotive seat manufacturer in Brazil reduces squeaks

A Brazilian manufacturer of automotive seats for luxury vehicles wanted to reduce complaints about squeaks to improve satisfaction among its direct customers and the ultimate end users—the car owners. The goal was to eliminate recalls. Krytox GPL 101 automotive seat lubrication

The Challenge

The area responsible for the annoying squeaks was the metal slides for the headrest. Typically, these slides are not lubricated. However, this manufacturer wanted to deliver the best product possible, exceeding customer expectations. The automotive seat lubrication needed to be compatible with the metal slides, non-migratory, and easy to apply.

The Solution

Krytox™ GPL 101 oil from Chemours is an excellent lubricant that is compatible with all metals. It is easy to brush on to the clean metallic surface during the seat assembly process by using an applicator. Krytox™ GPL 101 oil has low vapor pressure and surface energy, it stays exactly where it’s put and serves as a great automotive seat lubrication

Key Advantages

  • Using Krytox™ GPL 101 oil, the manufacturer was able to significantly reduce squeaks in automotive seats, improving customer satisfaction and reducing product recalls attributed to this annoying problem.
  • Krytox™ GPL 101 Automotive Seat Lubrication provided excellent lubricity to the headrest slides and can also be used in many other automotive applications to reduce squeaks in vehicles ranging from luxury cars to light trucks.

Miller-Stephenson: Lubrication Experts, Superior Chemistry, Fast Delivery – a potent combination

At Miller-Stephenson, we understand the challenges engineers and scientists face with trying to select the best lubricant for current or new applications.  With over 60 years of real-world experience, our highly trained team of technical experts and field engineers can assist you with identifying and selecting the optimal lubricant that best fits your operational parameter. Our large inventory of high-performance PFPE-base Krytox™ lubricants from Chemours, ensures we have the right lubricant for your needs, regardless of temperature, environment, safety, or performance of your system demands. For further information on Automotive Seat Lubrication please review the articles below or contact a Miller-Stephenson representative.

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