Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Few medical applications challenge a bearing lubricant more than high-speed dental handpieces.  Rotating at speeds of excess of 500,000 rotations per minute (RPM), these handpieces require advanced lubrication which can not only maintain excellent thin-film strength, but also do not degrade under the immense mechanical and thermal stresses which occur within these handpieces turbines. FluoroExtreme is the perfect match for your dental handpiece lubricant.

Pictured above is a head-to-head evaluation of a popular handpiece lubricant versus Miller-Stephenson’s FluoroExtreme™ . The handpieces were cleaned and lubricated, then challenged with 3 hours of continuous use at the recommended operating air pressure / rpm. The handpieces were then disassembled and evaluated for wear and deposit formation. The Industry Standard lubricant suffered from significant breakdown resulting in degradation of the o-rings, wore impellers and the lubricant itself, resulting in large deposit formation and a very noticeable increase in audible noise during operation.

In contrary, FluoroExtreme™  developed no deposits, the o-rings remained intact, and the impellers exhibited minimal wear.  The handpiece also had no noticeable increase in turbine noise. The data clearly shows that Miller-Stephenson’s FluoroExtreme™, delivers substantially improved operation of your dental handpiece. Our lubricant minimizes the unsightly degradation seen with hydrocarbon-based lubricants while maintaining quiet and clean operation.  Something both the operator and patient will value.

Product Description

FluoroExtreme™ is a fluorinated synthetic lubricant specially designed for dental handpieces. This lubricant offers superior protection, lubricity, and chemical stability versus standard hydrocarbon based dental lubricants. FluoroExtreme™ minimizes mechanical wear in all low and high speed handpieces, allowing devices to run longer and quieter while reducing costly repair intervals.

Benefits and Characteristics

  • Minimizes mechanical wear
  • Reduction in debris formation; Quieter operation
  • Extends service life of critical components
  • Non-Flammable; Chemical and Thermal stability
  • Biocompatible (ISO 10993)


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