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ReleaSys™ Liquid release agents are the ideal product for companies looking to maximize their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and through-put.  Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys Semi-permanent mold release agents  are backed by over 40 years of technical experience and are trusted to deliver the most consistent release of composite material in the industry. Our formulations are uniquely tailored to yield unmatched utility and efficient for the robust and constantly evolving composite industry. These wax- and silicone-free release agents crosslink to create a low surface energy film which exhibits high slip, superior durability, chemical resistance, and thermally stable. Large and small manufacturers can expect higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtime, increased acceptance rates and improved part quality when switching to Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys semi-permanent line. We have solutions which are ideally suited or injection molding, compression and transfer molding.

Miller-Stephenson combines great technical and industry knowledge with a hands-on approach to service and support to address the challenges faced by our customers in their molding operations. Whether it be for urethanes, elastomers, rotational molding, thermoset composites, etc Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys product line has the most efficient portofolio of products to meet your specifications. Beyond the basics of releasing finished parts from their molds, utilizing our robust portfolio of ReleaSys semi-permanents mold release agents, along with our industry leading support network, brings significant operational benefits.

ReleaSys™ 7200W Polyurethane Foam Mold Release coating is Miller-Stephenson's next-generation, water-based release coated designed specifically for MDI and TDI-based polyurethane foam operations. These sensitive systems require balance of release agent performance, coating durability and foam stability. Utilization of our proprietary film forming polymers, additives, and foam stabilizers, ReleaSys 7200W provides a substantial leap forward water-based release systems. Optimization and careful addition of a specialized additive packages completely mitigates the previously drawbacks of water-based release systems in the polyurethane foam manufacture.

  • Optimized for Sensitive MDI/TDI Polyurethane Foam Systems
  • Highly Durable, Advanced Thin Film Forming Chemistry
  • 100% Water-based, Zero-VOC
  • Ideal Surface Quality and 100% Paintable/Bondable surface


ReleaSys™ 6120 is an ultra-high performance, water-based release system designed specifically for Food and Cosmetic applications. This product provide superior release, anti-stick, and lubricity properties in an ultra-thin film coating that meets all standards for use in Food and Cosmetic manufacturing application.  Ideal for plastic, rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, waxes, etc this advanced release coating is effective across a broad range of applications and configurations. Benefits include:

  • Food-Cosmetic Grade Approved
  • 100% Water-based, Zero-VOC formulation
  • Superior Release, Anti-Stick, and Lubricity Properties
  • Ideal for Food, Packaging and Cosmetic Application
  • Effective on Plastics, Rubber, Polyurethanes, Waxes, Ceramic, Etc


ReleaSys™ 7200 Wax Release Agent is Miller-Stephenson most advanced wax-based release agent, utilizing our specialized synthetic wax polymers and proprietary slip additives, this liquid wax applies with the easy of a solvent-based coating but cures to an incredibly durable, robust release coating on mold surfaces. This coating is able to outperform other more expensive release chemistries.  Thanks to our years of development and refinement, this wax release agent provides robust release and anti-blocking properties across a broad range of mold configurations, mold substrates and geometries.

  • Synthetic Wax-based Release Coating
  • Superior Application ease; no buffing required
  • Unmatched release and surface quality
  • Non-fluoropolymer, Non-silicone, non-oil


ReleaSys™ 7300  is a semi-permanent mold release agent designed to provide superior durability and surface adhesion in cold molding operations. Utilization of a proprietary release agent and solvent system rapidly accelerates the drying and cure process allowing fast reapplication internals.  This product adheres strongly to the mold surface to provide extended re-application intervals on room temperature and chilled mold surfaces. ReleaSys 7300 is particular effective on all thermosetting and thermoplastics as well as polyurethane foams, resins, and RIM molding operations  Benefits include:

  • Rapid cure: No heating required
  • Ideal for high output molding operations
  • Highly-effective on Room Temp / Chilled molds
  • Exceptional durability and surface adhesion
  • No post-molding cleaning required


ReleaSys™ 7500 Rubber Release Agent is Miller-Stephenson’s most trusted and reliable release chemistry, designed to provide exceptional release across a broad range of substrates and molding configurations. This next-generation chemistry provides wide versatility, however it has been optimized for release of the most difficult and faster curing crumb rubber (recycled rubbers) mixers, high tack elastomers, and high temperature composites and plastics. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional Release ease
  • Minimal to zero transfer/ no mold fouling
  • Semi-gloss to High-gloss finish
  • Ideally suited for Crumb Rubber, Elastomers, and Polyurethane
  • Water-based, zero VOC formulation


ReleaSys™ 8000 Plastic Release Agent is an advanced release system specifically designed for today's modern plastic injection and gravity molding manufacturers, providing substantial improvements in release coating durability, ultra-thin films, and mold cleaniness.  ReleaSys™ 8000, when paired with our ShieldSys™ MX120 Permanent Mold Coating, offers a quantitative improvement in product throughput, minimization of downtime, and consistent and reliable release and ejection throughout the entire production campaign.

  • Advanced Thin-Film Release Coating
  • Designed Specifically for Modern Plastic Resin Molding
  • Provides extreme durability and minimal reapplication
  • Consistent and Reliable Ejection and Release


ReleaSys™ 8100 was specifically designed utilizing Miller-Stephenson's next-generation release agent chemistry to generate the most robust and effective release agent for polyurethane molding operations.  Utilization of our proprietary film forming polymers and additives, our state-of-the-art release system provides unmatched release of cast elastomer, rigid, and flexible foams.  Our release coat not only provides the best and most consistent release of any product currently available, it also provides this superior performance off any mold surface. Thanks to our tireless development program, Miller-Stephenson has developed a single release agent product which is highly effective in numerous configurations, mold temperatures, and mold geometries. Benefits include:

  • Advanced Film Forming Chemistry
  • Superior Release of all Polyurethane molding configurations
  • Extremely durable and fast curing release film
  • Self-Wetting and Leveling regardless of application method
  • Low odor and low VOC formulation


ReleaSys™ 8200 is a water-based, semi-permanent dry film release agents designed to provide reliable, consistent release across a broad range of moldable substrates. Excels at compression and transfer molding.  Properly applied, our product develops a durable, thin-film on the mold surface with minimal mold build-up.  ReleaSys 8200 will not interfere with post-production finishing operation. Benefits of this product include:

  • High durability; Surface activation chemistry
  • Ideal for Silicone-based molding
  • Ideal for Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Thermally Stable (>550°F)
  • Clean, Non-oily, Non-migrating


ReleaSys™ 8500 is a highly versatile water-based, semi-permanent molding release agent designed to exhibit superior durability, surface adhesion, and minimization of slip-stick.  Our product develops a long lasting thin-film on the mold surface with absolutely no transfer and no mold build-up. Our advanced chemistry provides extended reapplication intervals, ideally suited for high-throughput rubber, silicone and elastomer molders.   ReleaSys 8500 will not interfere with post-production finishing operation.  Benefits of this product include:

  • Optimized for Rubber/Elastomer molding
  • Ideal for lower complexity molds
  • Medium Slip; No transfer
  • Minimizes mold build-up and fouling


ReleaSys™ 8800 is a high performance water-based, semi-permanent mold release system developed to yield unmatched durability and surface slip. This formulation is ideal for high performance composite structures and large scale molding operations ReleaSys 8800 excels at releasing parts from complex, intricate mold geometries. ReleaSys 8800 will not interfere with post-production finishing operation. Benefits of this product include:

  • Superior release agent durability
  • Ideal for TPU and Thermoset Plastics
  • Ideal for high complexity molds
  • Highest Slip; Minimized transfer


ReleaSys 8900 is a solvent-based, semi-permanent mold release agent designed to provide superior durability and high slip across a broad range of moldable substrates. This formulation is particularly effective on difficult molding application or abrasive substrates.  Properly applied, our product develops a durable, thin-film on the mold surface with minimal build-up. Benefits of this product include:

  • Exceptional durability and surface adhesion
  • High Slip;Ideal for complex mold geometries
  • Ideal for Composites and Urethanes
  • Fast evaporation and cure time
  • Minimal mold build up


ReleaSys™ 9700S is our premier release coating designed from its origination to be the most technologically advanced release agent available, offering superior performance in a variety of molding configurations and substrates. Utilizing our next-generation polymer chemistry, Miller-Stephenson has developed a release agent which provides unmatched durability, surface adhesion, and absolutely no transfer. A truly revolutionary product, ReleaSys™ 9700S performs in the most demanding operations, offering unmatched reapplication intervals, part quality, and ease of release. ReleaSys™ 9700S is used for release of components in Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace. Benefits include:

  • Miller-Stephenson's most advanced release agent
  • Superior Durability; Most releases per application
  • Ideal for the most demanding applications
  • No mold build-up or transfer
  • Ultra-low odor formula