Industrial Oils & Greases

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Non-fluorinated oils and greases.

Industrial Oils & Greases

TriboSys™ 211X | General Purpose Oils

Designed for a wide range of general applications from small and medium sized gear drives, to bearings, cams, ways, pumps, chain baths, and slide configurations.

Powerful penetrating chain oils for applications where the lubricant penetrates to reach the pins and bushings located within roller chains. Additional applications include hinges, castors, rollers, bolts, screw assemblies, bushings and cables.

TriboSys 2200 is a multi-purpose, NSF Registered spray lubricant for all industries. It can be safely used on machinery used for producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food. It may be used on food-processing equipment as a protective anti-rust film and prevent corrosion buildup problems.

This family of synthetically blended greases are formulated for a wide range of applications and for extremes of speed, temperature and pressure.

Industrial Oils & Greases

TriboSys™ 214X | Gear Box Lubricants

These oils deliver maximum protection against friction, wear and heavy shock loads. They have the excellent ability to absorb and remove heat from gear surfaces with minimal effect on gear oil performance.

Industrial Oils & Greases

TriboSys™ 216X | Compressor Lubricant

These compressor oils substantially, and consistently, reduce friction. Field studies show 5% to 15% savings in electrical consumption, which provides greater compressor reliability. They have better polar film lubricity and lower volatility than conventional oils.

Industrial Oils & Greases

TriboSys™ 217X | Hydraulic Oils

These synthetically blended hydraulic oils provide maximum anti-wear protection for high pressure, high performance systems. The natural high viscosity indexes and the sophisticated hydraulic additive packages provide maximum oil cohesiveness, resulting in leakage reduction up to 90%.

Industrial Oils & Greases

TriboSys™ 218X | Roller Chain Oils

These powerful penetrating chain oils are used in applications where the lubricant penetrates to reach the pins and bushings located within the roller chain.

These greases are formulated to provide continuing lubrication long after conventional lubricants have failed. They are problem solvers for bearings exposed to very high temperatures and various forms of contamination.

These food grade lubricants are comprised of FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved ingredients in compliance with CFR, Title 21, Paragraph 178.3570 of the FDA guidelines. These virtually tasteless, odorless, nontoxic lubricants meet the demanding operating conditions of modern Food and Pharmaceutical facilities.

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