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ShieldSys™ | Hand Sanitizer

Following the strict guidelines set by the FDA during the COVID-19 outbreak, the new ShieldSys™ Hand Sanitizer is a 75% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) based topical solution. The SheildSys™ Hand Sanitizer is effective on bacteria, and viruses, including COVD-19. Ready to meet your demand, this hand sanitizer comes in a variety of sizes, from bulk packing for refilling common dispensers to a 4 oz bottle for personal and workplace use.

ShieldSys™ Hand Sanitizer

MS-270 | Multi-Surface Cleaner

The MS-270 Multi-Surface Cleaner is a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) / water based cleaning solution, that meets the CDC recommendations of using a cleaning solution containing at least 70% Alcohol. The MS-270 Multi-Surface Cleaner is extremely effective for cleaning a variety of contaminants, disinfecting an array of surfaces, and safe to use on all metal, plastic, and ceramic surfaces. Packaged in a variety of aerosol sizes, employees can store the MS-270 in a cabinet or desk drawer, and use it to clean their desk or workspace, keyboards and mice, phones, and other workplace items.

MS-270 Multi-Surface Cleaner
70% Isopropyl Alcohol Multi-Surface Cleaner | MS-270
Surface Cleaning

MS-272 | Multi-Purpose Cleaner

MS-272 Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning agent that is intended for large application cleaning, or for distribution into small containers such as pump sprays. Meeting the recommendations set by the CDC to use a cleaning solution with at least 70% Isopropyl, the MS-272 Multi-purpose cleaner also mixed with 30% UV-sterlized, deionized water. Ideal for cleaning a variety of contaminants, the is MS-272 is also great for disinfecting high touch/high traffic areas, such as bathrooms, door knobs, community eating areas, electronics with touch surfaces, desks, and table tops.

MS-272 Multi-purpose Cleaner

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