Vertrel MCA

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Miller-Stephenson offers an Ultra pure grade of its most robust Vertrel cleaning agent. This solvent blend has been purified through a proprietary process to achieve sub-ppm levels of particulates and non-volatile residues. MS-752U is a potent, precise cleaning fluid optimized for use in a variety of cleanroom or as a final rinse operation. This product also can be used for precision and specialty applications in many industries such as Medical, Electronics, Military, Aerospace, and Communications. Ideally suited for removing vacuum oil, wax, heavy grease, cutting oil, stamping oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, or as a final rinse. Benefits include:

  • Sub ppm Contaminate and Particle Levels
  • Evaporates Quickly; 100% Non-flammable
  • High Cleaning Efficiency (Kb value)
  • Approved by Major Aerospace and Gas Manufactures
  • LOX-approved;  ASTM and CGA for Oxygen Service Cleaning


Opteon™ SF30 is ideally suited for critical cleaning applications in modern, tight vapor degreasing equipment. It has “zero” ozone-depletion potential and a moderate global warming potential. A medium-strength precision cleaning fluid, widely used in many critical cleaning, drying, and high-value specialty uses where consistent and reliable cleaning performance is the paramount objective. Vertrel MCA Degreaser can replace nPB is some applications. It also can replace old-style solvents such as CFC-113, hydrochlorofluorocarbons (ex. HCFC-225), and perfluorocarbons (PFCs) in many applications.

  • Alternative to Vertrel™ MCA
  • Not subject to F-gas regulation
  • Ideal for: Vapor degreasing, Oxygen system cleaning, Cold cleaning
  • Zero ODP, Ultra-Low GWP, Non-flammable