vapor degreasing

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MS-765/MS-767 Vapor Degreasing Fluid is a nonflammable, azeotrope of a hydrocarbon fluid with methanol. Offering improved solvency for polar soils, while maintaining excellent compatibility with most plastics, ceramics, and metals. It is ideally suited for precision and specialty cleaning and rinsing applications. Removes particulate matter, light oils, fingerprints and light ionic soils from metal, plastic, and glass.

  • Ideal Solvent For Vapor Degreasing Equipment
  • Can Replace Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) In Many Applications
  • Low Viscosity, and Low-Surface Tension
  • Removes Particulate Matter, Light Oils, Fingerprints, and Ionic Soils


Opteon™ SF10, formerly Opteon™ Suprion carrier fluid is a clear, colorless, nonflammable, thermally stable, fluorinated fluid developed in response to worldwide market demand for a low environmental impact solvent for cleaning, as a carrier fluid, and many other applications.

  • Alternative to Vertrel XF
  • Removes particulate & ionic soil
  • Ideal for: vapor degreasing, precision cleaning, co-solvent rinsing and drying agent
  • Low GWP, zero ODP, 100% non-flammable


Opteon™ SF30 is ideally suited for critical cleaning applications in modern, tight vapor degreasing equipment. It has “zero” ozone-depletion potential and a moderate global warming potential. A medium-strength precision cleaning fluid, widely used in many critical cleaning, drying, and high-value specialty uses where consistent and reliable cleaning performance is the paramount objective. Vertrel MCA Degreaser can replace nPB is some applications. It also can replace old-style solvents such as CFC-113, hydrochlorofluorocarbons (ex. HCFC-225), and perfluorocarbons (PFCs) in many applications.

  • Alternative to Vertrel™ MCA
  • Not subject to F-gas regulation
  • Ideal for: Vapor degreasing, Oxygen system cleaning, Cold cleaning
  • Zero ODP, Ultra-Low GWP, Non-flammable




Vertrel SDG

Vertrel SDG is designed to replace trichloroethylene (TCE) and n-propyl bromide (nPB) in applications where maximum cleaning power is needed. With high solvency, low surface tension and a high Kb value (Kb = 95).  Vertrel SDG is an ideal high performance vapor degreasing solvent with excellent solvency power for a wide range of soils including oils, greases, waxes, hydraulic fluids, and silicone residues.



Vertrel SDG Select

Vertrel™ SDG Select has been approved by Boeing BAC5408 for vapor degreasing, to clean a wide range of soils, including oils, greases, waxes, and hydraulic fluids. The high solvency power (Kb = 95), low surface tension, and non-flammability properties of Vertrel SDG Select makes it an ideal ultrasonic vapor degreasing solvent. Vertrel SDG Select is designed to replace trichloroethylene (TCE) and n-propyl bromide (nPB) and perform in applications where maximum cleaning power is needed. It can also be used as a substitute for other cleaners, such as HCFC-225 and its blends, HCFC-141b, HFEs, PFCs, CFCs, and aqueous cleaners, where safety and environmental concerns and/or floor space and cleanliness are at a premium.