ReleaSys RM

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ReleaSys RM


Miller-Stephenson's ReleaSys™ RM Rotational molding release agent combines over 50 years of release agent expertise and thermoplastic molding experience. These formulations are tailored to meet ROTOMOLDING efficiency challenges such as shorter, hotter cycles and tight-tolerance, complex molds. ReleaSys RM is heat stable to 600°F, cures rapidly (even at room temperature), and transfers no mold release to the part. With ReleaSys RM, customers achieve multiple releases, no transfer, reduced pigment build-up, lower scrap rates, better cosmetics, increased productivity, and the safety of a water-based system. Benefits include:

  • Multiple Releases per Application
  • Rapid Cure; No Transfer
  • Superior Adhesion and Durability
  • Heat Stable up to 600°F
  • Optimized Resin Flow