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Krytox GPL 407

Krytox GPL-407 grease is made using a nonmelting thickener instead of the normal Krytox PTFE. This change from PTFE to silica boosts the temperature capability of the grease from approximately 316 °C (600 °F) to an upper limit determined by the evaporation/breakdown temperature of the oil. Krytox Authorized Distributor

ReleaSys HTX30-GR is Miller-Stephenson's top-of-the-line high temperature coating, superior to both the ReleaSys HTX-A and ReleaSys HTX.  This water-based coating utilizes our proprietary blend of highly lubricious ceramic particles and next-generation, ultra-high temperature binder system to deliver unmatched release performance from room temperature up to 1000°C. This coat has been shown to provide numerous releases of molten aluminium and magnesium, glass, and highly abrasive plastic composites such as PEEK from a single application. We achieved a coating which outperforms all other water-based or solvent-based boron nitride or graphite coatings.

  • Miller-Stephenson Next-Generation Binder System
  • Highly lubricious ceramic coating; Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Optimized for high temperature, abrasive environments
  • Exceptional release ease with no transfer
  • Rapid drying and short cure times
  • Ultra-low VOC, water-based formulation
  • Environmentally-friendly

DuPont® High Temp Grease with Teflon® fluoropolymer is a lithium complex, semi synthetic grease. This grease has a dropping point in excess of 500°F, which insures optimal retention in high temperature applications. Formulated with carefully chosen additives, including Teflon® fluoropolymer, to insure high film strength, and extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors.