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PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

MS-143TE | PTFE Mold Release Agents

MS-143TE was developed as an efficient, economical and universal release agent. This formulation is a nonflammable, non-ozone depleting release agent/dry lubricant, containing a suspension of low-molecular PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fluoropolymers.  As a dry lubricant, MS-143TE minimizes “slip-stick” and is ideal for low speed, light load applications. MS-143TE offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced release agent durability/adhesion
  • Efficient and consistent release of molded parts
  • Outstanding lubricity (low coefficient of friction)
  • Nonflammable, Non-ozone depleting formulation
  • Non-migrating; Non-staining


PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

RA/IPA DryFilm Dispersion

Chemours™ RA/IPA DryFilm Dispersion are extremely stable PTFE dispersions which provide unmatched lubricity, anti-stick, anti-fouling and mold release properties in an ultra thin-film coating. Used extensively as release agents in processes involving the molding of rubber, plastic, and urethane parts, Chemours™ DryFilm dispersions have a low coefficient of friction that also translates into superior effectiveness as a dry lubricant. This dispersion can also be added to paint and coating formulations to provide added anti-stain, anti-fouling, and high slip properties.


PTFE Dry Film Lubricants

Vydax NRT 960 | Dry Film Coating

Vydax™ NRT 960 is a nonflammable, translucent dry film coating that exhibits excellent lubrication and anti-stick properties. The coating produced by Vydax™ NRT 960 is clean, non-oily, nonstaining, chemically inert, and can function in continuous use in temperatures up to 392ºF/200ºC. It is oxygen safe and LOX compatible, as determined per ASTM G86. No ODC (ozone-depleting chemicals). Product advantages include:

  • Chemically inert
  • Effective coating for moderate to high temperatures
  • Designed for use with oxygen systems
  • No ODC (ozone-depleting chemicals)