Dry Film

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MS-122ADL Dry Lubricant is eco-friendly, low-global warming, and meets the environmental restrictions of both Europe and Canada. MS-122ADL can be used for a variety of applications and applied to a variety of surfaces. MS-122ADL is also an excellent universal Release Agent that provides a very uniform coating, especially on rubber molds.low global warming


PTFE Aerosol (MS-122)

MS-122XD | PTFE Dry-Film Lubricant

MS-122XD was designed as an efficient, durable, and universal dry film lubricant with superior release and non-stick characteristics. Has the fastest dry time of all the products in the 122 series with the most refined final ultra-thin film properties


PTFE Bulk Liquid (MS-143)

MS-143XD | Dry Film Mold Release Agent

MS-143XD is a versatile and robust release agent / dry lubricant, which utilizes a rapidly drying, VOC exempt carrier solvent to enhance throughput and production efficiency. The formulation contains a high lubricity, low molecular weight PTFE fluoropolymer designed to not interfere with posting finishing operations.  MS-143XD offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient, consistent release of molded parts
  • Outstanding lubricity and minimization of slip-stick
  • VOC exempt formulation
  • Nonflammable, Non-ozone depleting
  • Non-migrating; Non-staining


ReleaSys™ 8200 is a water-based, semi-permanent dry film release agents designed to provide reliable, consistent release across a broad range of moldable substrates. Excels at compression and transfer molding.  Properly applied, our product develops a durable, thin-film on the mold surface with minimal mold build-up.  ReleaSys 8200 will not interfere with post-production finishing operation. Benefits of this product include:

  • High durability; Surface activation chemistry
  • Ideal for Silicone-based molding
  • Ideal for Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Thermally Stable (>550°F)
  • Clean, Non-oily, Non-migrating


PTFE Dry Film Lubricants

ReleaSys™ DFX-L | Dry Lubricant

ReleaSys™ DFX-L Dry Lubricant is Miller-Stephenson's most advanced and sophisticated PTFE DryFilm coating provide superior lubrication, wear resistance, friction reduction and long-term corrosion protection. Our next-generation PTFE coating system is 100% compatible will all surfaces and will not swell or degrade wood, plastics, rubbers, metallics or glass. ReleaSys DFX-L Dry Lubricant is best utilized when high lubricity, surface cleanliness, and non-oil based lubrication is needed.

  • Next-Generation PTFE DryFilm Lubricant
  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction; Highly Lubricious
  • Repels dirt and dust build-up
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • 100% Non-flammable, zero VOC, and Ultra low odor


ShieldSys™ SB is high advanced fluoropolymer medical device coating designed specifically to provide extremely low coefficient of friction, eliminate "slip-stick" non-release issues. Minimizes build-up and fouling and imparts an ease cleaning surface to medical devices. This coating utilizes a proprietary fluoropolymer resin system designed to generate a highly durable, abrasion resistant, and chemically inert thin-film (5-10 microns) coating on the applied surface. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional durability and abrasion resistance
  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction; High Lubricity
  • Minimization of “slip-stick” issues
  • Chemically Inert; Autoclave stable
  • DryFilm Technology: Clean, Non-oily, Non-migrating
  • Eliminates build-up and fouling