Die Casting Lubricant

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Die Casting Lubricant


High-Temperature Release Agents

Die Casting Lubricants | ReleaSys™ HTX-D

ReleaSys™ HTX-D Die Casting Lubricants is Miller-Stephenson's most advanced coating for the die casting industry, engineered to enhanced your production throughput and gain efficiency.  The advanced coating chemistry and innovative water-based formulation helps to serve manufacturers by producing ultra-thin, highly lubricious coatings resulting in smooth, clean release without the need for post-molding cleaning.  Due to the high efficiency of ReleaSys™ HTX-D and need for only thin coats, mold service life and surface quality are maximized while also providing the highest cost-efficiency available

  • Superior Water-based, Thin Film Coatings
  • Unmatched Lubrication and Release Ease
  • Extended Mold Service Life
  • Consistent, Reliable, and Clean Demoulding
  • Ideal for High Pressure and Small Dimensional Casting