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PTFE Coatings That Reduce Tissue Buildup and Surgical time

Our medical coating systems are infused and fortified with PTFE to greatly reduce tissue sticking or buildup on cautery tips known as “eschar”. Eschar buildup is the most common issue associated with the intraoperative use of electrocautery and can be problematic for the end user. This buildup will also directly affect the dispersion of electrical energy and prevent proper sealing of small and large vessels and also promotes longer surgical time. This is where utilizing our 850g-1040 coating can greatly reduce the coefficeint of friction and assist with easy clean ability, minimizing any sticking or charring on the electrode.


  • Electrosurgical Devices
  • Hospital and Lab Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Surgical Instruments
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Coating Application & Recommendations

All Miller-Stephenson’s Fluoropolymer coatings can be applied via spray, dip or spool-to-spool methods. Proper post-application curing equipment is critical to guarantee performance and durability. Acceptable curing equipment includes high-temperature ovens which can safely maintain temperatures of 246 °C  (475 °F) or utilize IR ovens. This is to ensure proper sintering of the coatings onto the wire and promote the best surface characteristics that can be achieved.



ASTM 1894 Coefficient of Friction

ASTM D3359 Adhesion Test

ISO 7802 Wire Wrap Test

ISO 11070 Corrosion Resistance Test

• Coated smooth stainless steel panels passed Adhesion test, ASTM-3359

• Coated stainless steel catheter guidewires passed flexibility/adhesion tests, ISO 7802 Annex F wrapping test

• Coated stainless steel catheter guidewires passed corrosion resistance, ISO 11070 Annex B, saline soak test

**All Miller-Stephenson’s formulations generate very uniform thin films which exceed all ISO and ASTM requirements.



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We offer our customers the ability to utilize the coating services of the most highly regarded medical coater in the United States. They provide strictly medical coating operations on some of the worlds most difficult geometrical device designs. This exceptional coating service is offered to any customer or OEM that does not have the ability to coat in-house or is looking to have a complete pre-coated turn-key solution product made and delivered..

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