The All New MS-122ADX

Miller-Stephenson is happy to help you test the all new MS-122ADX with a free sample. Test our new high performance dry film lubricant and mold release in your application. Click on the link below to request a sample.

  • Advanced PTFE Dry Lubricant
  • Non-Oily and wont attract dust, dirt or particles
  • Safe for direct application to Rubbers, Plastics, Gaskets, etc
  • Long lasting lubricant and corrosion protection
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Our MS-122 Comparison Guide

ProductPerformance# of ApplicationsGlobal Warming PotentialNon-Flammability
MS-122 ADXHighest


Very Low
black no symbol
MS-122 ADStandard


black checkmark
MS-122 ADLStandard


black checkmark
MS-122 XDHighest


black checkmark

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