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Krytox GPL 295 is a specialty grease that has anti-corrosion and high pressure additives to protect against oxidizers and lower the energy required at high loads. This grease also improves protection against wear to extend the life of the part and decrease the re-lubrication cycles in the harsh environments in which this grease is utilized, such as in major car manufacturers' parts.

Opteon™ SF33 is an ecologically friendly nonflammable fluid that is commonly used as a specialty cleaning or carrier fluid. Opteon™ SF33 is optimized to replace much more harmful chemicals such as HCFCs, PFPEs, HFCs, HFEs and others as an industrial solvent carrier fluid. Other applications Opteon™ SF33 is commonly utilized in the military, aerospace, and semiconductor manufacturing industries such as:

  • Metal degreasing and rinsing agent
  • Electronic and precision cleaning
  • Ideal for: aerosol solvent/formulations, carrier fluid, and lubricant deposition
  • Ultra Low GWP (≤ 2.0), zero ODP, 100% non-flammable


Vertrel SDG Select

Vertrel™ SDG Select has been approved by Boeing BAC5408 for vapor degreasing, to clean a wide range of soils, including oils, greases, waxes, and hydraulic fluids. The high solvency power (Kb = 95), low surface tension, and non-flammability properties of Vertrel SDG Select makes it an ideal ultrasonic vapor degreasing solvent. Vertrel SDG Select is designed to replace trichloroethylene (TCE) and n-propyl bromide (nPB) and perform in applications where maximum cleaning power is needed. It can also be used as a substitute for other cleaners, such as HCFC-225 and its blends, HCFC-141b, HFEs, PFCs, CFCs, and aqueous cleaners, where safety and environmental concerns and/or floor space and cleanliness are at a premium.