Choosing ReleaSys™ By Application




Composite Release Agents

Advanced Composites

Modern composites and fiber-reinforced materials demand innovative, efficient mold release solutions. Products for this application need to, adhere strongly to the mold surface, cure quickly and provide multiple releases per application with no contaminating transfer. ReleaSys™ technology provides a simple, yet sophisticated mold release chemistry for operators to employ. Application of only a single-coat of ReleaSys is required, no sealers or primers required.

ReleaSys™ 8900

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Rotational Plastics (Rotomolding)

Rotational Molding is a dynamic industry which utilizes an ever-widening variety of thermoplastic resins. In response to this evolution, Miller-Stephenson has developed a robust portfolio of specialized release agents. These formulations are tailored to meet rotational molding efficiency challenges such as shorter, hotter cycles and tight-tolereance, complex molds. Our ReleaSys™ product line binds strongly to the mold surface ensuring no transfer, impeccable surface finish, and multiple releases per application

ReleaSys™ RM

Polyurethane Release Agents


Miller-Stephenson understands the demands of the polyurethane molding industry. The numerous variants of polyurethane(High Resiliency, Visco-Elastic, Spray Skin, Rigid and Flexible Foam, etc) make the demands on a release agent very high. Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys™ release systems are specially formulated to deliver a superior part release, cleaner molds, reduced build up, excellent surface cosmetics, and less downtime. Our high-performance chemistry adheres tenaciously to mold surfaces such as aluminum, steel, urethane, epoxy, and fiberglass. ReleaSys provides the critical protection to your mold surface while delivering highly effective release properties.

ReleaSys™ 8800

Rubber Release Agents

Rubber / Silicone / Elastomers

From Fluorosilicones to EPDM, Natural Rubber to Nitrile, and Miller-Stephenson has been delivering unmatched release performance to molders for over 50 years. Whether you are performing injection, compression or transfer molding, Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys™ product line delivers ease of demolding, non-transferring, and numerous releases per application. Much of our advanced chemistry is water-based, low or no VOC and low odor. Miller-Stephenson is dedicated to providing a cost-effective and efficient mold release for your application.

ReleaSys™ 8200

Plastic Mold Release Agent. ReleaSys™ 7300 is a superior plastic mold release agent for complex plastic parts.

Injection Plastics Mold Release

There are numerous resins used in plastic injection molding,but regardless of the substrate, critical performance criteria exist for all mold release: Tenacious surface adhesion, protection of the mold surfaces, and superior part quality.Our ReleaSys™ product line binds-to and protects even the most complex, highly polished molds, provides optimizes resin flow and generates higher part quality and lower scrap rates.

ReleaSys™ 9800

Fiberglass Release Agent ReleaSys™ 9900. A release Agent with superior non-stick properties

Fiberglass Mold Release

Miller-Stephenson delivers the most durable, highest performing mold release agents to the aerospace and fiberglass industries. Our products provide multiple releases, critical tooling protection, and no transfer with only a single application. No time-consuming mold priming or sealing required. Whether you are doing hand layup, spray layup, filament winding, etc ReleaSys™ has a cost-effective, efficient solution for you.

ReleaSys™ 9900


Pre-Cast / Reinforced Concrete

Miller-Stephenson has a developed a high-performance concrete release agent specifically designed for release of complex, challenging concrete mold designs. Our product minimizes/eliminates “bug-holes”, provides high surface quality, consistent color pigmentation, and accurate replication of natural stone patterns. Most importantly, ReleaSys™ CR achieves all of this in a highly efficient and cost-effective system..

ReleaSys™ CR


Custom Formulations

Didn’t find your specific application? Miller-Stephenson’s dynamic Engineering and Research Team can quickly address your release agent applications and develop a unique release agent solution. We understand that not every “off-the-shelf” product is right for each customer. Therefore we are ready and capable of developing a solution for you. Simple click on the button below and submit your request

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