VAZO™ 67 | 2,2’-Azodi(2-methylbutyronitrile)

Vazo 67, also known as AMBN 2,2’-Azodi(2-methylbutyronitrile), is a free radical source (FRS) typically used as a polymerization initiator. Vazo 67 has similar thermal characteristics to Vazo 64, with the advantages of a safer decomposition product and higher solubility in a broader range of organic solvents. Can be used as a drop-in for AIBN initiator and it will decomposes to generate free radicals and nitrogen gas.   Benefits include:

  • Highest solubility in  solvents or monomers
  • Does not compete in costly sides reactions
  • Head-to-Tail polymerization: Low Polydispersity
  • Unaffected by heavy metals, contamination, additives etc
  • Can polymerize oxidation susceptible compound

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