850G-100X Low-Bake Nitinol Coatings

Miller-Stephenson offers a low-temperature variant of their next generation, acid-primer free (Non-Cr(VI)) medical coating for coating encapsulation of temperature sensitives substrates like Nickel-Titanium Alloys, Polyamide, etc. These nitinol wire coatings are water-based, one coat systems providing the same robust and durable fluoropolymer coating in a higher temperature cure system.  Achieving the same performance standards as our 850G-90XX and 850G-102X, this product was designed for the new generation of low temperature metal alloys and/or high temperature plastics.

  • Ideal for temperature sensitive alloys
  • High Durability, Flexibility and Corrosion resistance
  • Unmatched surface adhesion
  • Water-based, One-coat formulation