850G-104X Fluoropolymer Medical Coatings

Miller-Stephenson Medical LLC in unison with Chemours™ has developed a series of water-based, medical coatings which offer next-generation performance, surface adhesion, durability, and superior surface smoothness all while eliminating the use of chromium-VI. Our world-class fluoropolymer chemistry delivers unmatched lubricity and adhesion on all medical guide wires and devices. The 850G-104X not only provides our smoothest surface finish but does so with an average film thickness of only 6-12 microns. In practice, medical personnel will feel smooth, ultra low-friction movement as the guidewire progresses through the vasculature. Benefits Include:

  • High durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance
  • Ultra-smooth surface finish and very low coefficient of friction
  • Substantial safer than Cr(VI) / Acid Primer systems
  • Stable to all forms of sterilization