Vazo™ 52

Vazo™ 52 is a low-temperature polymerization initiator and it can be used alone or in combination with other free-radical initiators. Ideal for sensitive, low temperature polymerizations. Vazo™ 52 finds applications in niche coatings, paints, and thermoplastic applications  Designed to initiate bulk, solution, emulsion polymerization, and decomposes with first-order kinetics.

  • Vazo™ 52 has a 10-hr half-life in solution at 52°C
  • Great in low temperature polymerizations
  • Unaffected by contaminants such as metal ions
  • Does not compete in side reactions
Vazo™ 52

Vazo™ 64

Vazo™ 64, known as AIBN, is a free radical initiator typically used as a polymerization initiator when resin clarity is not of the utmost importance. The rate of decomposition is first-order and VAZO 64 is excellent at generating head-to-tail polymerization. Vazo™ 64 is used in applications such as water treatment, foam expansion, and other thermoplastics.

  • Vazo™ 64 has a 10hr half-life in solution at 64°C
  • Low Polydispersity and branching
  • Very cost-effective
  • Exhibits low molecular weight with a higher mole per pound
Vazo™ 64

Vazo™ 67

Vazo™ 67, known as AMBN, operates nearly identical to Vazo 64, however Vazo 67 exhibits increased solubility in a wider variety of organic solvents and safer decomposition products Common applications can be found in polymer foam expansion, agricultural, marine/automotive paints, and other thermoplastics.

  • Vazo™ 67 has a 10hr half-life in solution at 67°C
  • Highest solubility in the widest range of solvents/ monomers
  • Drop-in alternative offering to Vazo™ 64
  • May polymerization oxidative sensitive compounds
Vazo™ 67

Vazo™ 88

Vazo™ 88 is the highest-temperature polymerization initiator in the Vazo FRS product line. This initiator offers excellent solubility in wide variety of solvents and one of the lowest side reaction probabilities.

  • Vazo™ 88 has a 10hr half-life in solution at 88°C
  • Ideal in high temperature polymerizations
  • Polymers produced using Vazo™ grow via a head-to-tail
    mechanism with less branching and cross-linking
Vazo™ 88

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