Hi-Temp Release Agents

Miller-Stephenson High-Temp Release Agents offers efficient and effective release solutions for molding operations which operate at temperatures exceeding 1562°F / 842°C, such as lights metals or glass molding. Fine particle, hexagonal boron nitride is utilized to impart a low coefficient of friction and temperature stability for these high temperature molding process. Stable in aggressive environments with excellent barrier properties, our boron nitride release system is ideal for all of your high temperature composite, metal, and glass mold requirements. Our High-Temp Release Agents are particularly effective for use in advanced, high temperature composite resins, rubbers / elastomers,  and is also an ideal for die-casting of low melting point metals such as lead. Moreover our specialized release agents are an effective protectant for MAG and MIG welding nozzles while not effecting the quality of the welds. Miller-Stephenson formulations allow the creation of a dry film lubricant that provides the exceptional properties of boron nitride or fluoropolymers in an easy-to-use package that delivers protection of your mold surface,  low electrical conduction, high thermal conduction, prevention of reactions between materials, and superior release.

Miller-Stephenson has developed a non-flammable, boron nitride product for high temperature mold release and dry film applications.  The hexagonal boron nitride is a low micron particle size providing enhanced adhesion and film uniformity. This form of boron nitride is a white ceramic particle that has a low coefficient of friction, inherently lubricious and stable at elevated temperatures and in aggressive environments.The inert and non-wetting nature of the boron nitride particles make it an excellent surface coating for molds used to produce castings of light metals such as magnesium and for coating surfaces in glass making operations. Benefits include:

  • Ideal for light metal and glass mold release
  • Prevent sticking of die and molds
  • Protects Surfaces like MAG/MIG welding nozzles
  • Effective mold release up to 800 Celsius
  • Non-wetting; Non-reactive

ReleaSys HTX-A is Miller-Stephenson's most advanced and refined boron nitride release agent available an in aerosol formulation. ReleaSys HTX-A is designed to provide universal release across a variety of applications and mold geometries.  Applications include glass molding, aluminium extrusion / forming, high temperature plastics, etc. Utilizing our next generation binder and ceramic technology, Miller-Stephenson has developed a revolutionary coating that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 C without complex cure programs or applications.

  • Optimized for high temperature, abrasive environments
  • Exceptional release ease with no transfer
  • Rapid Drying and Cure times (no heat curing required)
  • 100% non-flammable aerosol formulation

ReleaSys HT is a specialized, water-based release agent specifically designed for high temperature molding operations.  This formula utilizes a proprietary boron nitride complex to achieve unmatched lubricity and mold release performance. The inert and non-wetting nature of ReleaSys HT makes it an excellent surface coating for molds used to produce castings of light metals such as magnesium and for coating surfaces in glass making operations. Advantages include:

  • Water-based; VOC-free formula
  • Enhanced surface adhesion and durability
  • Protects Mold and Die Surfaces
  • High Temperature Stability up to 1562°F (850°C) in air

ReleaSys™ HTF is a highly advanced, water-based release agent designed to exhibit exceptional release of all substrates from room temperature up to 750° F. This product develops a highly lubricious and dry film on the mold surface, offering extended reapplication intervals and no costly transfer. Designed to meet the demands of the advanced composite and elastomer manufacturing industries, this high temperature mold release utilizes sophisticated fluoropolymer technology.

  • Exceptional Lubricity and Ease of Release
  • Ideal for Advanced Composites and Elastomers
  • Heat Stable to 750 ° F
  • Numerous Releases per Application
  • Water-based; No VOC; no odor

High-Temp Release Agents

ReleaSys™ HTX | Glass Mold Release

ReleaSys™ HTX Glass Mold Release is a ultra high performance ceramic coating designed to provide superior adhesion to mold surfaces, allowing numerous high temperature castings of glass, metals, and other substrates without the need for frequent mold re-coating. Our product forms a uniform, thin film on surfaces, binding tenacious to metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Our advanced chemistry provides both a low temperature and high temperature binder system allowing use on a broad spectrum of substrates and heating capabilities. Benefits include

  • High Temperature Stability up to 1000 °C in air
  • Unmatched durability and surface adhesion
  • High lubricity; Low coefficient of friction
  • Ultra-Thin, Dry-Film Coating
  • 100% water-based formulation

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